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About Us
Enterprise culture


Looking to the future:
Newabel’s objective: further improve the organization and management structure.
Construction a modern, integrated type of high-tech enterprises;
Devote effects to become the standouts of worldwide responsible intelligent card system industry;

Business philosophy:
Painstaking research, meticulously organized, sophisticated production, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction;

Talent Strategy:
Newabel is a cause, talent is our first resources, honest employment with honest people.
We firmly believe: first-rate talent to build a first-class business infrastructure.
We want more elitist to join the rank of newabel cause, and more people are concerned development;

Quality system:
Excellent quality is the direction of our development;
Client’s satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, Continuous innovation is the foundation of our lead;
Perfect service is the assurance forward further in various intelligent and technological management systems.

Mankind has only one Earth, and safeguarding the Earth’s environment is newabel’s obligation, to produce non-pollution products is our mission.


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Hongli,Futian District,  Shenzhen,P.R.China

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